Our winter dog party and training video

We enjoyed out dog party day at Song Jiang last Saturday. Recently I started use clicker training to train my shelties. My friend help me taken some video at that day. Training with my sheltie part 1 I train with my BOY who is now just turn to 3 years old
Blow is another video taken at our dog party. I was training with my sheltie BOY (big sable one) and his daughter Lisa(the small sable one). Lisa 's dam NiNi (the shade sable bitch around me) who could be seen in this video also join our dog party that day.

My sable boy from my first breeding program was just turn to 3 years old last week. There are some pic taken at that day.

and this is BOY's full sister NiNi who are very sound girl

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Josh and Jessie said...

We bet that dog party was great fun! Josh and Jessie

James said...

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Pippa Sheltie said...
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Pippa Sheltie said...

Merry Christmas!

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