BOY smile

Just want to post boy's photo which was taken yesterday below 6 1/2 months age.

They are 6 months old

Sorry I haven't update my blog for a long time. I now must use http proxy to login blogger site due to china international telecom may have some problem to visit worldwide site.

These days we were very busy. There're five dogs in my house two adult shelties and YY's three puppies encluding two my reserved hopefuls Boy and NiNi(girl 2) and girl 4 who I sold to pet home but come back home for boarding time.

Boy and NiNi 's front leg problem what I took care before now have been improved a little. I'm sure they 're worth waiting. Boy 's size always just under the size chart. Yesterday they turn to 6 months old. Boy ' s height now 14 5/8 inch. NiNi 's height now 14 1/4 inch. Boy is still very photography, nice face, melting expression and he has a balance body. NiNi 's face looks more femine, eyes is a little big than boys but not too much big. NiNi has a little over angle rear but she has more correct front angle than boys and her mothers. She looks more immature than boys.

I'm so excited see them grow.

below are some photo of them.

boys photo just taken at 6 months old.