BOY's first show

We went to a dog show last weekend. It's my homebred puppy BOY first show. Although he is the only sheltie puppy dog in his class, but I think it was a fun and valueble experience for both BOY and me. I groomed him and handle him in the ring. I'm still be nervous in the show ring. I need to learn much more about how to grooming and the skill of showmenship.
I just want to post here some pic of our last weekend.

Boy on the table:

in the show:

ready for show:
wait for show
wait for show
wait for show

BOY 's height now is about 15 3/4 inchs. He will turn to 10 months old nest week. I hope I will not lose him by over size. I hope he will stop growing height.

A pick eater

My puppies got their CKU register paper today. Boy's full name is Amazing boy of wow kennel. NiNi full name is A winter presentation of wow kennel. NiNi now has been in her first heat cycle of her life. She turns to be pick eater recently. It's bother me a lot:(

Puppy album updated

I going on update my puppies album today. BOY and NiNi are just turn to 9 months old. Boy 's height is just below 15 1/2 inchs. (he is not grow his height this half months. ) the girl NiNi's height is around 15 inchs.
All photo from my album was taken today and last weekend. No grooming! I do all it by myself. I just took pic when they were playing.
NiNi and BOY's front legs had gone awful due to weak pastern since 3 months old. Boy had fix it earily.But now boy still has little out of at elbows. NiNi 's front problem had bother me long time. But this week I 'm sure she has get better as her pastern grow to stronger than before. Their chest still immaturely. But their body proportion has been going back to what they had at 8 weeks old.
Yes, they are worth waiting. I'm very surprised and happy to see their change in their different grow stage. That's a wonderful lesson and experience to me.

this is the girl call name NiNi
NiNi (girl2) at 9 months old

This is the boy call name BOY
Handsome BOY?

more pic please visit the album here

Playing photo today

Puppy will turn to 9 months old next week. Today I took some pic when they 're playing.